Cheese Chicken Sandwich

Cheese Chicken Sandwich

Cheese Chicken Sandwich

How do you make chicken sandwiches?
Make it once.


Sandwich Floor Sauce:

Cream or regular cheese: 50 g
Olive oil: 2 tablespoons
Crushed Garlic : A Love
Dried mint 1 teaspoon


Chicken breast 1
Onions and mushrooms and bell peppers and cheese pizza
Spices : Salt and black pepper
Baguette Bread with Sesame Bread

How to make :

Roast the chopped onion a little and then add the chicken fillet.
After a few minutes we pour the bell pepper and the chopped mushrooms along with our spices and the tail saffron.
We’ll mix our special sauce ingredients and soak the bread.
We pour our ingredients into the sauce and to make the cheese stretch, we pour pizza cheese over a low heat and stir up and pour melted cheese over our ingredients.

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