Classic Hamburger Bun

Classic Hamburger Bread with Sesame Decoration

The features of a single bread hamburger are its soft texture and porous texture with a crisp crust, a unique flavor, a good volume and strength. The advanced production process and complete fermentation has resulted in the ease of digestibility and the top of this bread. Sesame is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as iron، magnesium and calcium. Mono-bread hamburger bread has high quality sesame spray. Single-bread sliced hamburger bread with suitable volume is used to prepare a variety of home، restaurant and McDonald’s burgers. It has the ability to store for 6 days in a cool and dry environment and away from sunlight and at least 2 months in the freezer. Single-Bread Hamburger is available in 160g double packs

Nutritional Value

۱ قرص نان حجیم با تزیین کنجد ۸۰ گرم
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