Types of Grains and Their Properties

Types of Grains and Their Properties

Types of Grains and Their Properties

Cereal grains (or plain grains) are small, hard, dry edible grains that grow on grass-like plants, called grains, which are the staple food of many countries and by far provide more food energy than any other food group. Grains have played a major role in human history, and progress in grain farming is so major that it promotes civilization.Humans are the main consumers of grains, but grains are also used to feed and fatten livestock. Grains can also be transformed into various processed food products.

Grains are one of the main food sources for nutrition and inclusion in human diet. Nutritionists consider it necessary to include a variety of grains in the daily diet, because the variety of vitamins and minerals required by the body can be found in the grains. Below are some important grains:

Wheat: It is one of the most important and at the same time the most essential grain among all kinds of grains. The food of most people in the world is made up of this special seed. Today, in many factories and companies in the field of food industry, wheat is processed and packaged in different ways. Peeled wheat and wheat bulgur are among the products obtained from wheat that are available in bulk or packaged in the market. Wheat has many benefits for the health of the body. The most important elements in this widely used grain are its high fiber, carbohydrate and protein. There is also a lot of vitamin E in the grain kernel of wheat. Other properties of wheat and its products include minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, iodine, potassium, zinc and vitamins such as B-complex, B6, etc. He pointed out. Some of the most important properties of wheat in maintaining the health of the body are:

Weight Control: According to research conducted in the field of food industry, whole wheat is known as one of the beneficial grains for weight control and weight loss, especially in women.

Increased energy: Wheat with high levels of B vitamins as well as carbohydrates, while gaining energy, keeps the person full for a long time.

Improving body metabolism: wheat and its products such as peeled wheat, wheat bulgur, etc. Because of their high fiber, they improve metabolism and proper metabolism.


Oats is also one of the types of grains with a very high nutritional value that due to its properties, its placement and its products such as peeled oats, oatmeal and … It is essential in the diet of people of different age groups, including children and the elderly. The most important vitamins and minerals found in barley, protein, calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, iron, most B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, etc. Was. But the role of barley grain, due to its properties, in human health and dealing with a variety of diseases is as follows:

Regulating blood pressure: Grains are very effective in lowering blood pressure due to their high fiber content، in addition to being rich in calcium، potassium and magnesium.

Protective against cancer: Lignan protects against various types of cancers such as breast cancer and … It protects. Also, selenium in this high grain reduces carcinogens in the body and improves the tumor damaged cells.

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